Brighton’s best cafes: The Lanes


The Lanes, not to be confused with the North Laine, is the historic heart of Brighton and a major attraction for visitors. It is also home to many of Brighton’s coffee shops, including a few Shimaguni favourites.

ザ・レーンズ(ノース レーンではないのでご注意を!)は、昔からブライトンの中心地であり、ブライトンを訪れる人にとって、とても魅力的な場所の一つです。


Do you know where the best cafe in Brighton is?

If you know, would you mind telling me?

Although it is difficult to decide which is the best, one thing is for sure that there are many popular cafes in The Lanes.
I will introduce some of my favourites here.



Marwood has a unique atmosphere, distinctive interior and is very popular with young people
The 2 floors of seating are very spacious.
My preferred cup of tea comes at a very reasonable £1:50 which makes me very happy. They also have Wifi.
火曜日から土曜日までは夜の11までやっています。 夜のお勉強にオススメできます。
From Tuesday-Saturdays, it is open until 11pm – great for late night study!

Cafe Coho


Cafe Coho is next to Marwood and also has 2 floors. Since 2010 the store is only in Brighton and is loved by the locals.
The food is good and the coffee is excellent. It has Wifi.

I have heard from a few Japan Club members that the cream teas here are absolutely delicious. Having said that, I have actually never eaten them. I would like to, but either the shop is full or my stomach is. A cosy little shop with excellent service.
You surely won’t need Wifi here
Warning: The store is currently closed for refurbishment.

That Little Tea Shop In the Lanes


This is a cosy, traditional tea shop. I love the traditional tea pot which they fill to the brim with tea. There are many varieties of cake and scone here.
You surely won’t have time to use Wifi here.

Japanese Food in Brighton

E-kagen An established, much-loved Japanese diner in the heart of the North Laine – near Shimaguni. Friendly staff and great service. No frills and reasonable prices. A real authentic experience.

Kantenya The only specialist Japanese food shop in Brighton. In a great location opposite the big Sainsbury’s and 2 minutes walk from Brighton station. Runs great seasonal promotions, bento style lunches and is full of friendly Japanese staff

Sushi Garden On the popular restaurant-road of Preston Street, Sushi Garden specialises in a variety of noodles, rice and sushi dishes. Not cheap but gets good reviews.

Pompoko In the centre of Brighton and a few minutes walk from the station, Pompoko is known for it’s inexpensive yet satisfying and tasty mix of many Japanese dishes. Although quite popular and can get very occupied at lunch time.

Oshio Located on Trafalgar Street (very close to Shimaguni school!) Newly opened restaurant specialising in Japanese and Korean cuisine. Great reviews.

Cafe An-An Ok, not actually in Brighton, in nearby Portslade, but must be mentioned for its fantastic wagashi (traditional Japanese sweets), popular events and excellent lunches. Irregular opening hours so please check before you go.

Oki-nami Most exclusive Japanese restaurant in Brighton – right opposite the Pavilion. Part wwned by local celebrity Norman Cook aka Fatboy Slim. Great sushi and bar apparently.

Sushi Mania On Middle Street in the middle of the The Lanes. Large chain-style restaurant with big menu suitable for big groups.  Offers half-price deal promotions.

Shogun On Prince Albert Street, Shogun is a popular ramen shop in Brighton. Very authentic in style and taste. Limited menu but very tasty.

Murasaki The most elusive, ninja-like of all the Japanese restaurants in Brighton.  The restaurant lurks up on Dyke Road near Seven Dials and the takeaway is up from Western Road on Montpelier Place.

Moshimo Located in Bartholomew Square, Moshimo is one of Brighton’s most popular Japanese Restaurants. Known for it’s building aesthetic imitating a traditional Japanese room and it’s authenticity. Handmade sushi and various hot Japanese dishes are available here. Very tasty.

Yo! Sushi Located on Jubilee Street close to the library. Yo! Sushi is a popular sushi chain across Britain. Known for it’s interesting conveyor belt style of dining and cute coloured plates. A great place to go for a unique Japanese experience.