What is Shimaguni?

In this post I would like to explain what Shimaguni is and what we do.

Shimaguni is a language school teaching private and group Japanese lessons. We have been teaching classes with in Brighton since 2014.

Our group lessons are run as 6 week courses that begin throughout the year. Private lessons can be booked morning, afternoon or night any day of the week (subject to availability).

Private and group classes are taught by Tom Orsman (a non-native speaker) and Mari Maeda (a native Japanese speaker).

Currently all our lessons are online only. We plan to run face to face classes again in the near future.

As well as Japanese classes, we also run French classes, and English classes aimed at Japanese students. We also host a regular series of Japan-themed events and activities advertised through the Brighton Japan Club Meetup Group.

Along with regular language exchanges, quizzes, and talks, we also meet up regularly. On the 1st of January, we even swim in the sea on Brighton beach (new volunteers for this event are always welcome).

Group lessons follow a course structure. This structure is based on the popular Genki textbook.

There is no requirement to buy the Genki textbooks to take our classes as we provide students with our own study material. Some students do choose to buy the book and find it useful. Read more about Genki here.

Private lesson students can choose the content of their classes. We can discuss with you a best learning plan and make recommendations. Classes can either follow a course structure, or in consulatation with the student, we can offer customised classes.

We also run online classes for children, for preparing for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT), and for GCSE and A Level exam preparation.

RATES: Private classes can be booked for 1 hour (30 pounds) or 30 minutes (15 pounds).  Our 6 week group courses cost 80 pounds for first time students, and 60 pounds for students who have taken classes before.

Please email info@shimaguni.co.uk for bookings and enquiries.

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