10 Japan Quiz Questions

10 questions on Japan.

A mix of challenging and relatively easy questions. If you don’t know, have a guess.

If you get 5 or more, you are doing very well.

The answers are at the bottom.

  1. Which Studio Ghibli film is based on Han’s Christian Andersen’s fantasy The Little Mermaid?
  2. What colour is the GO sign on Japanese traffic lights?
  3. What are the 3 sacred items of the Imperial Family?
  4. What are the 5 colours of traditional Japanese food?
  5. In Japan, what bird is the voice of authority?
  6. Put this haiku by Buson in the correct order: Desperately bushes to an cloudburst cling sparrows evening trembling
  7. According to the proverb, what small Japanese bird never forgets to dance?
  8. The Cloud Surpassing Pavilion was built in Tokyo in 1890 under the supervision of a British engineer. It contained Japan’s first what?
  9. Early June in the old Japanese calendar is known as the KAMAKIRI birth season. The KAMAKIRI is a green insect that will eat it’s own mate. What is it called in English?
  10. Why do sumo wrestlers stamp on the ground inside the ring?


  1. Ponyo
  2. Green (the bluest allowed shade of green)
  3. Sword, jewel and a mirror
  4. Red, yellow, green, black and white
  5. The crane
  6. An evening cloudburst / sparrows cling desperately / to trembling bushes
  7. The sparrow 雀百まで踊り忘れず
  8. Elevator (it broke after 6 months)
  9. Praying mantis
  10. To expel evil

The questions were used in the Brighton Japan Club online quiz last Saturday.

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