Quiz: General Knowledge + Japan

This is a mini quiz of 10 questions on General Knowledge and Japan. There should be a mix of challenging and relatively easy questions. You should be able to guess for most of them as well.

I think if you get 5 or more you are doing very well.

I have made it as a warm up for the Brighton Japan Club online quiz this Saturday. The answers are at the bottom.

General Knowledge

  1. What did Britain return to China in 1997?
  2. What’s the world’s deepest lake?
  3. What does the HB on a pencil stand for?
  4. What’s the most common blood type?
  5. What’s the capital of Spain?


  1. What does the Japanese word “heaven’s river” refer to? 
  2. Shikoku, Honshu and Kyushu are 3 of the 4 main Japanese islands. What’s the other one called?
  3. What sound does “fshhhhhhh” indicate in the translation of the manga One Piece?
  4. In the town of Ibusuki in southern Japan, what do tourists famously bathe in?
  5. Which city became the capital of Japan in 794?
BONUS QUESTION: What creature is this?


General Knowledge

  1. Hong Kong
  2. Lake Baikal
  3. Hard Black
  4. O
  5. Madrid


  1. The Milky Way
  2. Hokkaido
  3. Rain
  4. Sand
  5. Kyoto

Bonus Question Answer:

Tanuki (Japanese racoon dog)

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