Spring somewhere in Brighton

We are in strange times. Toilet roll and pasta are suddenly the most desirable commodities in the land.

Each news broadcast brings a wave of strange new expressions such as herd immunity, self-isolation, social distancing.

So, where is all this going?

I don’t think anybody knows, but judging from how things are developing in Spain, France and Italy it is clear life in Brighton is likely to get more difficult for a while.

It is spring though. The cherry blossoms are blooming. We have to be positive.

A change in lifestyle can bring about new ideas and positive long-term changes.

If you are stuck at home, this could be a great time to catch up on study, reading or film watching. I watched Tokyo Story last night. (Watch it free here)

Do you have any Japanese film or book recommendations?

I am planning new events at Japan Club including an online exchange event, a seaside walk and a farm visit.

Please let me know if you have any ideas or requests for events or blog posts. Or if you would like to write a blog post yourself.

And please don’t hestitate to get in touch if you have any questions or concerns about anything.

Take care.

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