7 Academic and Career related Reasons for Studying Japanese

Have you ever considered learning Japanese? I know its crossed my mind a few times. For me I love meeting new people and making friends from different cultures. The Japanese culture is certainly one I’ve grown to respect and love over many years since I was a child. If I could recommend learning a language Japanese is certainly a language worth learning.

Last time I wrote about 7 Fun Reasons, if you have not read it take a look.


This time I’ll be looking at the top Academic and career related Reasons for Studying Japanese.

1.  It can help you academically in School

Studies have shown that children who learn a complex foreign language, especially at a young age, are better off in terms of development and learning other school subjects.  When you are younger it is easier to learn a foreign language so its best to start of early.

2.  Make new friends in Class

Studying languages at a school like Shimaguni allows you to make a new set of friends outside of school that have the same interest at you. This will make your more likely to continue to study and older students often meet up outside of class and also join the Brighton Japan Cub for Meetups.

3. Strengthen Your Job or University Application

Most UK students learn Spanish, French or German.  But having Japanese on a Job Application or University application can get you some important extra attention and make you stand out from the norm. It shows you are committed and Serious to studying something extra outside of work and school.

4.  Because Japan is Important

Japan is the third largest economy in the world and nowadays, every career involves an international aspect, and every international career involves Japan in some way especially if your working in the technology sector. Being fluent in Japanese and English is a very powerful combination and goes a long way to enhancing your career opportunities.

5.   Improve understanding

Whatever your background, learning Japanese will make you a better person.  It helps to open your eyes to the larger world around us makes us and help to make you a more tolerant and thoughtful person.  You will forever perceive the world in a different, more positive way.

6.   Learning Japanese opens the door to other Languages

While the cultures and languages different in many ways. They do share some similarities when it comes to languages. Learning one of their languages makes learning one of the others a lot easier because of similar grammar structure, politeness rules, and borrow vocabulary. It helps you to improve

7.   It could help you study abroad

Japanese schools have high standards of learning at all levels of education. If you’re interested in studying abroad, Japan is a good place to go.

However studying in a different country is very different and you should ensure that you know the local language very well

There are three Japanese “alphabets” (hiragana, katakana and kanji) that you should familarise yourself with.

As you can see, the reasons behind choosing to learn Japanese are varied. However, it can be a rewarding experience If your interested in learning more about the language, why not contact Shimaguni Language School for more information on lessons if your in the Brighton area of the UK or even around Sussex. If your looking for friends and to learn more about Japanese culture. Why not join us at the Brighton Japan Club.

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