7 Fun reasons to study Japanese

Have you ever considered learning Japanese? I know it’s crossed my mind a few times. For me I love meeting new people and making friends from different cultures. The Japanese culture is certainly one I’ve grown to respect and love over many years since I was a child. If I could recommend learning a language Japanese is certainly a language worth learning.


Why you may ask? Well let me take you through my top 7 Fun reasons for studying Japanese.

1. Visiting Japan

One day you may want to visit Japan, if you are into Anime, the culture or the food its definitely worth picking up a little of the local language before you visit the place. Its worth learning some key phrases to help you out. Many people do tend to like to self teach themselves or learn online but I think that sometimes you cant beat having a real teacher.

2. You’re a Video Gamer, Anime Fan or Manga reader

I fall in all three in this category. I find that more and more there are new Japanese games coming out, or really good animes and Manga. Unless you want to spend months or even years waiting for it to get translated its better to learn the language so you can read listen and watch things as they are meant to be without questionable dubbing or translations. Also you tend to find that the translated or Dubbed versions are vastly different from how the video game, anime or manga was. A good example would be Yu-gi-oh, it was very different from what we got here.

3. You’re an internet User

This is kind of associated my previous point but quite often if you look something up on the internet, especially if your visiting somewhere the website may appear in another language first. Quite often with Japanese websites your browser wont default to English (if that’s an option). So its really useful. Some friends of mind when in Japan used Naver for directions, restaurant reviews, maps and blogs so it maybe useful for you to know to help you get round and organise your trip if you like to explore outside of package holidays.

4. Restaurant and Bars

Quite often you may find that the Japanese Bar/Restaurant  you visit is actually Japanese owned. This would be a perfect opportunity to converse and order your meal and drink in Japanese. It also helps when your travelling overseas in Japan and want to eat and drink.

5. J-Pop

Ok, if you are like me, you probably sing the intro of your favourite Anime (Dragon Ball Z anyone). Well in recent years, J-Pop has exploded as a cultural phenomenon worldwide thanks to video games and characters like Hatsune Miku a Vocaloid

Baby Metal bands are popping up everywhere, Kawaii culture is popular so it’s a good idea to learn Japanese to understand the music.

6. Japanese friends or family

The world is getting smaller and smaller, you might find your relative is married to someone from Japan, or you might make Japanese friends online or a club like Brighton Japan Club.

This would be a good opportunity to learn Japanese you can practice and improve and also impress your Japanese friend and show them how dedicated you are to the friendship and how much you want to understand them better.

7. Japanese Culture is cool

Japan is an incredible country and full of rich culture and history. They have summer festivals with a cultural meaning, the Tanabata festival, the art, the fashion and everything else. Sure it’s a big reason and pretty broad but if you want to understand more about the culture and travel there the best way to start is through learning about the language and through that the history.

Hopefully you liked my top 7 Fun reasons to study Japanese. Next time Ill take a look at reasons why you should study Japanese in a academic and job related context.

If your interested in learning more about the language, why not contact Shimaguni Language School for more information on lessons if your in the Brighton area of the UK or even around Sussex. If your looking for friends and to learn more about Japanese culture. Why not join us at the Brighton Japan Club.

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